White Fire: Kumori's Revolt- 3 REUPLOAD 🔞 Read Count : 16

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Adult language. Sensitive content. Not suited for young nor immature viewers.


Inu the same night started cutting himself. He used his blood as paint. Kumi peeked in the room through a crack in the door. Tears ran down her cheeks. She went to her room and fell asleep. In the morning she went to check up on Inu, but he wasn't there, she began worrying. She looked around the neighborhood for him, asking people she ran into if they seen him anywhere at anytime. No luck. After two hours, Kumi went back to her apartment. She walked passed Inu's room and saw a glimpse of a man in there; she grabbed a knife and ran in. The man tackled Kumi against the wall, "Kumi, its me! Inu!" Kumi eyes widen then she started crying.

"You asshole! I was worried sick! Don't ever fucking do that again, I didn't even know what was going in, last night I saw you fucking cutting and this morning you weren't in your room! And! And!" Kumi had a panic attack. Inu hugged her tight. He reassured her and explain everything.


Later the day Kumi took a nap and Inu had a friend over. They talked about raiding the Hall and taking complete control. During their plan Kumi came out in a tank top and underwear. Inu's friend got distracted, Inu completely ignored Kumi. Kumi went back to her room and Inu's friend followed behind. Inu, after drawing out the map, looked up and noticed his friend was gone. He looked around, then heard screaming.

"Come on, you come out in that and not expecting me to want some!"
"I wasn't expecting Inu to have a friend over, especially a fucking pervert, get the hell away from me you ass!" Kumi shouted.
"Hehe!" He chuckled, drooling. Kumi attempted to escpae but Inu's friend blocked her door way and closed the door. Kumi escaped to her bathroom and locked herself in until Inu came in.

"Dude, what the hell are you doing in Kumi's room!?" Inu asked peeved. "We're supposed to be going over a plan to siege the Hall for the day of Kumori's Revolt!"


"Yeah," completely distracted by the vision of Kumi's naked body.
"Are you listening!" Inu yelled.
"No! Get away you fucking pervert!" Kumi yelled.
"For fucks sake!" Inu yelled breaking down the door and grabbing his friend.

Inu completely kicked the mans ass senseless. Almost killing him. Kumi came in and held Inu back, "Inu, please stop, you'll go to jail if you kill him."
"You won't see Kitsune and Kumori if your in jail." Kumi explained. Inu nodded his head and dragged the person out of Kumi's apartment.

Later that night Inu and Kumi sat down outside looking at the stars.

"What are you thinking about Inu?" Kumi asked looking at the Milky Way.
"A new life for everyone who follows in me. My daughter. Kitsune, soon to be wife. And..." He stopped.
"And?" Kumi sat up looking at Inu.
And the war that'll follow with my dream and the people I must leave so they won't be harm."

Kumi held Inu's hand. Inu sat up.
"Promise me you won't die.." Kumi shyly looked away.
"I won't promise." Kumi began crying, "Asshole, why!?"
"Because, I can't promise that."
"We'll be by your side during the war!" Kumi promised, hugging Inu.

"No. During the revolt in two days, you and Kitsune and Kumori and so many others with no special abilities, who follows in behind me, which is nearly a 100 thousand, will be boated. On a whole different boat that'll be dislodge from the rest. Creating a new independent vessel." Inu stopped, "everyone who has abilities will stay and fight. They know their parts. Sorry Kumi, you're going with Kitsune and Kumori."

Kumi let go of his hand. She got up looking down, but not at Inu. She started crying, tears falling to the ground. "Fuck you Inu Hashigun, just fuck you in your fucking rebellion. Hope you...you..." She struggled to speak, "hope you...ugh!" She stormed off back into the apartment, crying.

Inu sat outside for a couple more minutes then went back in.

"No matter how many times I'm told that this is a suicide mission, I'm not going to change me mind. I'm doing this so my daughter and future kids, don't have to be raised in a dictatorship of a government. For the ones with special abilities and related to ones with special abilities I do this for you!"


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