Telling Me Who Judging You Read Count : 73

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Tell me who judging you
I've been down 15yrs
But that's what haters do
I can't even hold back the tears

You couldn't even walk in my shoes 
Or hold weight to my name 
Felt so used and abused
But I guess it was part of the game

It's not the life that I choose 
So I endured the pain
Had me singing the blues
But I never was in ashame

You see you can't shame someone
Who doesn't know about the lies
You gotta' know where I'm coming from
Humble and I'm NOT filled with pride

So You told the lies
All the haters believed
No more alibis 
Still content and relieved

Did you not have a clue
You reap what you sow
But I guess that you knew
From the life that you choose 


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