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If you're  religious you wouldn't understand but to those whom are woke; take a seat.
15 years I've  been involved in "The Game". I didn't ask OR VOLUNTEER for this shit.  If it's a game then why do PEOPLE die? Why will they stalk and harass you? Rape you? Fuck you LITERALLY on a CLONE via governmental cover ups. Truth is they all lie.  From politicians, pastor's, celebrities and etc. The ILLUMINATI doesn't CARE WHOM they HURT. This game is collect more souls for their benefits.  After these PEOPLE whom are the so called "ELITE" sell their souls for fame, they in return have to feed off of others energy. The game is to drain their audiences, fans, groupies and families energy/anointing. That's to ensure that their offsprings will have a godly covering. I'll  continue to EXPOSE them after PIMPING ME and MY family for 15YRS and they still won't take no for an answer. These same people have used the hell out of me but haven't sent me a damn sime. Killed my parents and then used their death dates as a ritual to their God Baphomet.
They have to continue this ritual until they have fulfilled the required sacrifices and gaining more souls. You think it's fun and game but it's an entrapment.  Your own PASTOR'S are caught up in the secular system; worshipping satan for the love of money. I left the church yet these DESPERATE people have followed me from job to job, house to house, church to church, state to state, and relationships to relationships. Trying to make me birth more SEEDS where they HAVE STOLE and sold over 60 million dollars SEED on the black market for these kids they've BIRTHED the last 15yrs; off of me. When I'm DONE with YOU; I am. Your president knows damn well what's going on and is enjoying the ride. Start noticing the black eyes your "fake gods" RECEIVE. Stealing PEOPLE giftings; especially sight is their favorite.  I thank God for Jesus and not many days HENCE America will be sitting in a repentance state. When all hell, chaos and confusion brings you back to God; just know who is God. Anyone who tries to Lord himself over another individual has broken covenant law. You have sinned against God and your brethren.  You had 14yrs to do right by ME and my family.  You didn't now the wrath that is upon you; you have no means of escape. Bon appetit!


  • Jun 15, 2021

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