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Do you think they will change,
When they make you feel unsafe?

Lock you in with kindness.
Their flaws you miss with blindness.

They're sweet,
But merely when they see defeat.
When you start to notice,
And see all their bullshit.

It's not their way.

It's madness,
How real their lies can be.

The truth,
Isn't simple to believe.
This man loves to deceive.

Cover up,
Say it's your fault,
Now that's a lie,
But it's so tough to open your eyes.

Everything they do.
Please accept the truth.

They got physical with their hands,
Then later pretended to give a damn.
They do it again,
But you're blinded by the man.

The man you want so desperately to believe in,
And it's this notion that keeps you from leaving.

He'll never do it again.
It's my mistake; I should have been...
He loves me; he swears he does.
I know he's not a lost cause.

It's these thoughts on your mind,
That keep you in his bind.

You need to escape.
Find a way to rewrite your fate.

See the man under the mask.
Don't let this breath be your last.
How far does he have to go,
For you to get rid of his ass?

It's hard,
But what's harder?
Feeling pain every day,
Or pushing yourself to getaway.

You tell me,
But the man you think you see.
He'll never be.

He puts up an illusion,
To keep your mind fooled then,
He tricks you into sticking around.
So he can keep knocking you back down.

No one loves you.
I'm the only one who wants you.
You'll never make it on your own.
Leave me,
Then you`ll always be alone.

Keep on being rationalized.
You'll gradually begin to die.
Get out now,
Or lose yourself to this guy.

No one deserves,
A man who keeps you at your worst.
No one deserves,
A life full of hurt.
You need to discover,
And know your self-worth.

Get out now.
It'll never get better.
Get out now.
Don't be blinded forever.
Get out now.
Lies are what's holding this together.
Get out now.
Your happiness matters.


  • Jun 15, 2021

  • Jun 15, 2021

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