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Shut up! 
shut up!
 shut the hell up!
 give me my life back, give me my dreams back, I feel like a shadow of myself only the dark part of me feels alive. 
Shut up!
shut up! 
give me my light back, 
give me my dreams back.
I was once young and hopeful,
 I was once a dreamer........ but now my hopes have disappointed me
 my dreams snatched away, don't ask me why because I don't know.
 do I even know my worth? I don't think I do.
I don't think I understand how precious I am, how loving, understanding and caring I am, but the people who take,  they do know, they know how to use my weakness against me, to there advantage. How bleedy giving I am.
 do you think I should turn into a monster, into this cold creature who no longer wishes to love? I'm so frustrated with it I had every thing planned out, and now at 30 I'm fucked.


  • Jun 15, 2021

  • Jun 15, 2021

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