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Uhhmm... excuse me
Have several seats
I told you to just let me be
So now bihh I'll speak

I know you're privileged but you forgot I was hood
Got the nerve to call me trash
14yrs I did you good
You didn't even have to ask like you should

So now that I'll tell you no
You put dirt on my name
Black balled ME from the door
Jealous of my rain

And what I was bringing
Knocked many out their spots
Kept right on praying and singing
Now you want to call me a thot

The truth is you're jealous
Intimidated by my presence 
Personality is zealous
And I stay on the low

Even when I held you up
While others put you down
But still it wasn't enough
Even though you were never around

Being humble like my mother
You still CHOSE ANOTHER lover
Even a different color...???
Damn that shit was straight gutter

Pitbull.. you made me attack
Yes I still love you
But I can't trust you behind my back
Because there's always another 

Every time I turn around
Another barbie on your arm
You doing that to put me down
Been a fighter since I was born


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