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Silent cries,
And teary eyes.
Staring at a wall,
Oblivious as to how much time goes by.

She keeps on asking why.
Why does she feel the way she does?
Why does she feel so unloved?
Why does she simply want to let go,
And give everything up?

And depression,
Don't help with these questions,
But there's more to her reality,
Then a mental disease.

She despises,
All the things that transpired.
Transparent as some of her actions were,
Everyone simply accuses her.
Out of her hand or not.
She blames herself of a lot,
However, no one appears to give her much thought.

Perhaps she's crazy,
Suffering the way she does.
Perhaps it's her anxiety and depression, making it all up,
But the emotions she feels,
Seem so real.
It's too problematic to distinguish,
A natural or not feelings list,
And it drives her insane.
Trying to figure out if her emotions are merely fabricated from her brain,
Or if there are truths behind her pain.

She feels like a black sheep.
They say family stays close,
Though they avoid her as she weeps.
She's at a loss.

Turns to dust.
As she watches the particles of heart chip away,
Because everyone has lied to her in some way.
It's unimaginable now.
She's too sick of the sound.
The sound of her head declaring she should have known better.
I don't think she can feel any sadder.

It's so overwhelming for her to grasp.
Because she's so used to being hurt in the past.
Even when she's reassured,
The worries in her head over-measure.

Her mind is lost.
For she loves so much but feels she's not worth the cost.
The expense of being with her,
For her mind constantly has her unsure.
She's a burden,
And she's certainly tired of hurting.

Perhaps she should simply leave,
Then everyone will be at peace.
Dead or alive people will see,
Their lives are better off without me.


  • Jun 15, 2021

  • Jun 14, 2021

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