Buckle Up Buddy Boy Read Count : 93

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You’re kidding, right? 

Didn’t think it'd go this way? 

Didn't think she’d turn this way? 


Well buddy boy you better buckle up 

This is going to be one hell of a storm you hadn't prepared for 

Every day she was labeled as 







You conditioned her to only accept you 

To only believe you 

Your speech uttering poison into her mind 

How could you? 

She's heard it all before 


“Be happy”

Everyone telling her it's “too hot for sweaters”

Rumors circulating that maybe she 

Couldn't handle life after college 

That she was just a spoiled girl with attitude 

She was isolated from all


And drunk 

And hostile 

Your hands went where they weren't allowed

Confused and dazed she couldn't fight 

You uttered words that shouldn't have been said 

You hurt her in ways you 

should've and could've stopped 

You promised her you were helping her learn 

To be a good person 

How dare you.

Your “love” and “kindness” left






And cracks inside her soul 

If anyone were to confront her 

and just peel back the opening of the reinforced coating on her heart

It would yield prints of an intruder inside 

She doesn’t let anyone get a glimpse into the 

scattered mysteries of her past and present 

Never lets anyone see the dark under her eyes she covers with makeup 

Never lets anyone see the lines on her arms 

That reminds her she's still alive 

Doesn't let anyone hear the nightmares that plague her all night 

Doesn't let anyone hear her silent pleas 

Because you threatened? 

You poisoned her mind to believe 

She wasn't worth help? 

Well like I said you better buckle up buddy boy 

Your illusion of love and kindness was broken

Her silent pleas that she prayed people wouldn't hear 

Reached kind souls 

Her friends you'd pushed aside 

Are here for her aid 

The hope that long diminished 

Is being replenished 

You've robbed her of the 


pure joy 

everlasting love 


that you should've been 

that you could've been 

don't worry about that though because 

whether she weathers through everything alone 

with cracks and bruises aligned in her heart 

or needs picked up off the floor by helping hands 

While she breaks 

Your attempts at darkening a persons soul 

Your attempts at bruising the person you should've loved

Your attempts at making yourself feel superior


It'll be a hard journey but she will recover 

and she will do it without your “help” 

She will be happier 

and forever be a better person than you

So go wallow in your own personal hell you created 

Nobody’s in a hurry to rescue you 

And nobody ever will.


  • Jun 14, 2021

  • Jun 16, 2021

  • Damn, that was a ride. Well done.

    Sep 12, 2021

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