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If I can't be 1st
Know that I'm not playing 2nd
I'm one that will quench your thirst
Have you on a different level

I'm not wasting my time
At this LIFE I've been given 
You must be OUT of your mind
Trying to stunt my living

You blocked my life for years
I cried so many tears
But still I stay true

Now you want to talk loyalty
Know that's only to myself
I can't let you keep using me
I don't HAVE shit left

If I did you like you done me
You'd be mad as hell
But that shit you don't want to see
Nigga this hasn't been a fairy tale

Stop playing the victim
When you caused me pain
Spotlight on bright and not dim
I'm here to cause you shame

Paybacks a bitch
And that's all I'm giving
Nigga you thought you were slick
That's why I'm still living 

June 08th made 15 years
EVERYDAY I tried to flee 
My bread were my tears
You didn't even try to console me

Now I'll walk away
Know that I can't stay
Living in pain EVERYDAY
That's not the game I want to play


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