I'm Going To LET YOU Be Read Count : 55

Category : Poems

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Nigga the jokes on you Thinking you running game on me Keep doing as you choose While I school YOUR ass to the tea You want do you You don't give a fuck about me Your love was never true So I'm just going to let you be You make plan with boys  You running these streets Too bad you can't ignore The constant defeat Bruhh Keep that fake love Keeping ME SICK as hell 15yrs call it annulled  BELIEVE me it's well The shit you took me thru You couldn't even tell the truth If only I knew But now I got the proof  I'm in it to win it NIGGAS I'm out for blood All those lies you spinning Hit me like a flood  You didn't have to lie me You should have told the truth from the start So I'm going to let you be Never letting another nigga break MY heart


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