You Can't MAKE ME Do SHIT Read Count : 60

Category : Poems

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You can't make me so shit
Especially when I'm done
Bot I'm not your momma or bitch
Find another one

I'm grown as hell
Not letting  a bitch run me
Nigga you fell 
My value you can't see

Stop trying to watch my bag
You can't calculate my worth 
Giving you jet lag
As I break this curse

I move to quick
You don't know which way I'm coming
I'm still not your bitch
Your mouth you steady running 

Shit tell me if I'm wrong 
Without you being caught up
Ain't  no love that strong
I've had about enough 

I'm done with your lies
And you scandalized my name
You ran out of alibis 
Have you no shame

You tore me down in private
But watch God build ME up
The truth you can't hide it
So bitch you just stuck


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