The Universe Within My Soul Read Count : 30

Category : Diary/Journal

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 In the foreign depths of the soul lies an array of unknown
Like a universe, like planets, or another set of stars
Its like opening your eyes to a true reality
To a world that has color but before was dull
Like feeling what its like to feel without numbing the identity of every emotion that causes feeling
Loving like never before, smiling and enjoying every fragment of every moment, of every time
Contemplating every memory, piecing the reality and the pictures my mind must have drawn
Choosing to walk away even when I cared because staying was comfort, it was like a map with no real direction, a path with a dead end
I choose to smile even when I feel like crying until I forget, until everything vanishes like it never accrued, until I feel I've set my soul free
Feeling is a connection to my sanity, to who I am, feeling reminds me that life is happening even when I feel disconnected
My soul is like its own universe with stars, planets, suns, stars and moons
For that reason it has seasons of change
It has its spring, summer, fall, and winters
It has sunsets, sunrises, storms, rains, shower of stars and its downfalls but between the mayhem the chaos, the destruction theres beauty to all of this because through the storm a new beginning arose and came to be....


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