Stop Testing My Gangsta Read Count : 64

Category : Poems

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Don't keep testing my gangsta
Just know your boundaries
Never been to much of a prankster 
That's why I got these keys

Access granted
BITCHES I'm qualified 
From all these seeds that I planted 
Keep believing haters and all their lies

If you with me then you for me
Just don't go against the grain
Got Many that adore me
Some holding on for the change 

Got many in offense
After telling them just how I feel
Speaking facts and not nonsense 
I always keep it real

I can't tell you lie
Just to make you feel better 
Sometimes the truth will make you cry
But it will set you free forever

I keep my hands to myself
I'm telling you to do the same
Cross me and you'll get this left
I'm not that bitch you can tame

Stop gunning at me you missed your chance
To be in my presence 
Ain't no advance cause you the same devil
Bitch I'm on another level


  • Jun 13, 2021

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