I'm DONE RIDING For YOU Read Count : 84

Category : Articles

Sub Category : Relationships
I'm so tired of this pain
So tired of these leeches 
They trying to drive me insane 
Got me feeling like the grim reaper

Every time I'm out
You try to keep me in
Bitch you might do it for clout
But I'm not doing it again 

I'm done being stalked
Bihhh you need to walk
Ain't got time to talk
This shit is all your fault

You can go hell
That's exactly how I feel
Didn't catch me when I fell 
It all about your money deal

I once was blind but now I see
Know I'm done riding for the crew
You won't retire off of me
Cause bitches I'm thru with you

Plenty of times YOU CROSSED the line
Bihh I've never been a quitter 
But I fought to many battle that were never mine
But you didn't know I was a hitter


  • Jul 28, 2021

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