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I can smell the iron washing my soul away with every beat of the waves,

I see the waves pounding Against the shoreline as if anther soul was near,
I can feel the heat beat to the music of the water smashing against the sand,
I can see the blood drain into the sand leaving behind outlines of crimson blood,
The water once so clear now all that remains is the crimson waves,
The beautiful Rose I held so closes falls to the sand,
The petals falling one by one away and catching on blood waves,
I can feel my heart flatter away as the petals fall under the waters Surface,
The blood drips falling deep into the ocean,
The ice water runs up my body as I move to be with the blood waves,
My body becomes numb as I become blended into the oceans blood waves,
I can feel my soul tug loose,
My soul changes and begins to feel numb,
 I fall farther into the waves and let the blood waves swallow Me,
As if I wear the rose that someone had taken all my crimson Petals away,
 So drained of all colors so lost and soulless,
I taste the iron thicker then air,
The waves became thicker with crimson blood,
I’ve fallen for the broke blood waves of the ocean,
But my heart beat breaks into a new drum beat,
I feel strong I rose with the heart of waves maybe stronger then dark temptations,
I can still feel the pull of the blood stained waves,
But I will never let the darkness take away my soulful petals,
Because the light can only fight the darkness with strength from within,
So let them Beautiful lips of crimson taste the iron in your fight,


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