No Competition Read Count : 90

Category : Poems

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What took you weeks to come up with Only took me 5 minutes
Spitting straight facts with no myth
Got you in repentance 

You can't compete against ME
 We're not in the same class
 I'm the best you'll ever see
 I'm in present state you in the past

A lady with class
Something you'll never be
You like to run the streets and shake your ass
New to you but old to me

Jumping time as a prophet do
Know you're not on my mind
Excuse ME BIHH as I bypass you
Sit your ass down and wait your time

They warned you about crossing the line
You should NEVER break rank
ITS not your time
So now I'll let you straight sank

Ain't no more free hand outs
Ain't doing nothing else for the crew This is WHAT life's about
Baby girl I'm still  NOT THREW 


  • Jun 12, 2021

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