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If you're so worried about my life
What have you invested in it
Everyday I'm dealing with strife
Seems like seconds and not minutes

So much is going on
Can't tell my head from my tail
Everybody done me wrong 
I'm going thru but you can never tell

Looks are so deceiving 
A perfect picture of health
EVERYDAY I've been grieving 
FIGHTING against this death

Nobody but God kept me
When I'm going thru
I thank You Lord you never left me
And every words true

Father please forgive me
Of the blood I shed
Stronger because this CURSE didn't kill me
But it messed with my head

Had me steady thinking 
Others still didn't see their wrong
Felt like I was sinking
But I came out strong

Nobody like you Lord
You somehow made a way
Using your word as a sword
Ain't nothing like God's grace


  • Jun 12, 2021

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