I'm Over It Read Count : 84

Category : Poems

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I value my MY TIME 
Just like my money
You must be out of your mind
Thinking you can run me

Stayed way past my time
I have nothing left
You didn't give me a DIME
You thought that shit was just

I can't keep holding on
In what YOU THREW me in
All you bitches did me wrong
Even so called friends

You CHOSE to play the game
I didn't ask for this SHIT 
YOU scandalized my name
Played me like a trick

Acting like I owe you
Bitch you owe me money
I'm so DAMN thru with you
Until this shit isn't funny 

I'm so over it now
Until you can take a bow
God grace kept me somehow
With a broken vow


  • Jun 12, 2021

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