The Night. Read Count : 9

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Last night was last that I’d internally battled me vs. me. I’ve convicted myself of this torture and buried too deep in my dreams. The night I chose to cry with music blasting enough to feel the lyrics pour into what is called truth. A reminder of past nagging me like an toddling hollering after “No”. Like my past I’ve held on to what hurts and caused anger. It felt different because all that was bottled up releases as if nothing was ever there. An grudge, a boxing match with who I was and who I am now. The gains, lost of the family, friends, love and life. After turning the volume up higher to feel the last verse hit harder than before. Being in my feeling seemed more of an escape that looking in the mirror of who I’ve become. I endured all the words that could be soaked up that night from the man I love. 


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