Busting It On The Low Read Count : 52

Category : Songs

Sub Category : LoveSong
When you put THAT loving on me
I'm throwing this pussy back
Working my ass like we at sea
Giving niggas heart attack 

All up in my G-spot
Straight dicking me down
Pussy so wet and hot
Got him making uhmm ah sounds

Pussy steady gripping
While I make it pull on his dick
Bed wet with my drippings
Every time he hit

NIGGA all up in my head
Steady going with the flow
Slipping and sliding on this bed
Busting this pussy on the low

Got him calling ME snapper
Clamping down as he cum
Having multiple orgasms 
I got him feeling numb

Putting his ass to sleep
Oh yes I fuck'em well
Fucking him on repeat
Cause we DON'T KISS and tell


  • Jun 12, 2021

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