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Rev. 2:18(kJV) We as women have HEARD OR even been called, "Jezebel" once in our lifetime. I can remember I was a babe in church; 16 yrs old at the time. I decided to wear a red dress with red lipstick to a Pentecostal church service.  As I was dressed and fabulous; getting ready to walk out the house, my mom screamed. I turned around this woman had dropped a whole pan of cornbread TELLING me "No you can't go to a Pentecostal church looking like that."
I was in such awe and confusion until I sat down; decided not to go.  Yes I did ask why? She then began to explain to me  the "SYSTEM OF THE CHURCHES" or different church beliefs, principles and even their dressing as a lifestyle.  No make up, no earrings, no pants etc. Chilleee... I love everything she was telling me that I couldn't wear or do. I was born/bred Methodist. Come as you are. I just didn't understand what my looks or what I was wearing had to do with me serving God. Or these accessories, and makeup had to be associated with me being labeled as a Jezebel. 

Until I got older and was taught properly about living holy. I realized we are the church and not a building.  Our bodies are the temple in which the holy spirit dwells.  I dress modestly and I still wear red. I don't believe in judging a human by mistakes, life choices, failures, etc. Whether past or present but by your actions. We don't have a heaven or hell to put no one in. We as Christians can at times; be so holy until we're no earthly good. I was asked can a Christian be DEMONIC oppressed/possessed? 
● Honey let me spill this tea.... ☕
Yes it's a difference in being saved but not delivered. You can pray the prayer of salvation or recite the ABC(admit.believe.confess) and be saved. Being delivered of sin and demonic spirits are on another level.  I was taught about the spirit of Ahab and Jezebel. My thing is why do we as women get the blame for the fall of man? Why does the woman always gets the blame but man is the head of the woman? Adam and Eve... 
Sampson and Dellilah...
God gave man dominion and power; which is head of the woman/house. So why blame the woman every time? In dealing with a person with a control spirit, always let them hang themselves. It's always their way OR no way at all. Ahab didn't have a backbone and let this woman; the Phoenician princesss; prophetess of ba'al CONTROL him. Who interm was controlled by demonic influences.  It's very important to always know the person whom you are dating before marrying. Don't ignore the red flags.  By doing this you will save yourself from heartache and pain.

▪︎Only God can deliver this person with prayer and fasting.
▪︎They have to want to be delivered.  ▪︎You can't change a person; only God can. WOMEN STOP TRYING TO FIX HIM. Been there done that with 7 tshirts!!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


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