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Today's the day....
My heart was broken into a 1000 pieces
Seems like everything in life 
Has me feeling facetious 

Been on a rampage
Carrying nothing but anger and pain
Haven't been myself since you left
Nahh it's not funny but a damn shame

Can't seem to pull myself together
Thoughts of suicide running thru my head
Seems like it's now OR never
So many wishing I was dead

You got hurt in the midst
At these goons gunning for me
Attack after attacks 
These niggas thrive in misery 

June 11 they monetized the date 
Releasing records the illuminati did
Celebrating their sacrifice; not knowing the sins of the father falls upon the kid 

I miss you ma
My heart breaks EVERYDAY
Got me all in my feelings
So now I choose to push love away

Seems when I open up my heart
I get it broke every time
Now I just run away from the start
In isolation... and I'm that's just fine

When I think back to you
And all of our memories
I learned to recognize the truth
And never show no fears

Still in need of healing
I can't let your legacy be a shame 
In this life I'm living 
Sin is constantly calling MY name

So many have torn me down 
But yet they built me up
By running my name in the ground 
I guess my suffering just wasn't enough 

Got thrown in this shit
By a pastor I use to trust
No idea of what it was
Finding out that I got CURSED 

Right there in the church 
The place I sowed seeds and paid MY  tithes
Was listening to Apostle Paul L. Beard
Now I'm just traumatized 

But you a man of God
I believed every word you said
Now I look at the cloak as a joke
You put my mother on her death bed

So if I'm mad at the church 
Know that I never left God
Can't deal with undercover perverts 
I'm no longer living in a facade

Not saying this about all preachers 
Prophets, ministers, pastors, elders, laymen or teachers
But I said what I said this message is to all the reachers...

06•11•2019.... Rest well my Queen


  • Jun 11, 2021

  • Jun 11, 2021

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