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When God will disconnect me 
From the application called life.
When my lungs won't have
 To breathe for me - to stay alive.

When I won't have to worry 
About things that have changed my past...
Only then, only then will I feel free
 And I will laugh at my bad thoughts.

  When tomorrow will not come again, 
When those who say they love me 
Will not even remember
 A single word about me.

 When the girl I love will find another lover 
And will be more in love, 
I will be quiet, knowing 
That so far I have had hard days
 Living far away - away from her arms.

I wasn't the best,
 I could be worse.
  I don't know where I'm going, 
But I'm taking the risk.


  • Jun 11, 2021

  • Beautiful ❤️🌹🐝

    Jun 11, 2021

  • very nice ma'am...

    Jun 11, 2021

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