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On the days when you are not strong 
Never feel you are weak
It's at that time
When the things are at their darkest
The love of another will give u strength
To break down you walls

When you don't feel worthy of it
Love will always find a way
While you are walking through hell
You will find heaven
It will keep you safe from a harm
Carry you high and get you home

During the nights when you are not brave
Never live in a fear
Hidden in all the darkness
You will find the light
Loving someone will give you courage
To find that tomorrow is bright day

I know I could love you
There are days I already have
You take away the pain
During the night that's why I am insane
In love and daylight
Is where i see myself with you


  • Jun 11, 2021

  • Jun 11, 2021

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