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Between four walls, 
New world is reborn,
When I bring you to the empty bed 
Of an unfriendly hotel - cold room.

Between four walls no one knows our story, 
And I try to discover your soul, 
To bring you closer to my heart -
Through my chest - 
Through my cells- 
Through the fire and wind.

Between four walls I find your whispers, 
You tell me that you love me
 And I feel that words
 And promises are useless.  

Between four walls, 
I find your body empty.
You keep your soul covered, 
And my mind gets tired of trying
 To undress fears, secrets, lost loves and tears. 

 We leave the hotel and return
 To the same world before it.
 You go to the train station,
 I go to my house
 Wondering if I'm in love,
If I'm wrong,
If I need your love and relationship.


  • Jun 10, 2021

  • nice ma'am

    Jun 10, 2021

  • Great poetry ❤️💐🌹🐝

    Jun 11, 2021

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