Clay, Ray, May: Episode 10 Read Count : 55

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Romance
On the last night, May and Clay took a late night stroll on the beaches of Hawaii. They talked and laughed.

"Um... Clay I have to tell you something important." May said shyly looking down at the sand.
"Yeah, what is it?" Clay stopped and looked May.
"Well... Its, Clay,-"
"Watch out!" Clay tackled into the sand. May's heart started beating fast. She noticed Clay's eyes getting dark and his hair standing up going all over the place and his muscles grow bigger.

"C-Clay?" May stuttered.
"Stay low!" Clay said charging at the threat. May flipped to her stomach and watched Clay fight. He took them on all at once. Each punch shot the sand up into the air. Clay took down the robots slowly.

"I did not know Clay was capable of this kind of stuff." May thought in her head recording his fight. Clay was covered in sweat and blood from the fight.

One of the robots noticed May and started marching towards her. After Clay finished the remaining robots. He noticed one of them heading towards May.

"Stay away from her!"

May got up and rushed to the hotel. The robot followed behind and blasted the sand making May trip. Clay rushed at the robot. The robot locked its arm cannon on May, letting it charge up. May's eyes filled with tears and fear, she closed her eyes and waited.

"Stay away from her!" Yelled Clay puncturing the robot. May opened her eyes, amazed. She watched the robot collapsed and fell to the ground. Clay was laying in the sand passed out. May crawled to him and gave him a kiss on the cheeks.

Next morning they packed their things and headed back home. They talked about last night. May smiled and laughed while Clay buried his head into his hands. May looked at Clay and blushed.

"He's so cute.." May thought in her head


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