Clay, Ray, May: Episode 9 Read Count : 52

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Sub Category : Romance
A week has passed. School is out for spring break. Clay, didn't do much for the majority of his break but work and stay home. May was at the beach for the majority of her break.

On the last two days of break, May visited Clay at home.
"May? Do you need something?" Clay asked poking his head through his door way.
"Yes." She paused, "you!"
"What?" Clay asked opening his door all the way.
"Yes, come with me, we're going to Hawaii!" May grabbed Clay and dragged him to her car. Clay was confused.

May bought Clay new clothes. She went all out; buying named brands. Clay felt uncomfortable. After the clothe shopping frenzy, they headed to a hanger. They took a private to Hawaii.

"May, you know you caused me my job?" Clay brought up looking at May.
"I'm starting a business soon, you can work there instead." May replied getting up to get a soda.

After hours of being on the jet, they finally arrived. They headed to May's late dad vacation home. On the first night, they enjoyed themselves. Partying. Laughing. Clay didn't feel depressed the whole night. He enjoyed himself, hanging with May, talking and laughing.

May noticed Clay smiling for the first time since she first saw him.


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