Untermensch's Update #11 New But Worse Read Count : 59

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Hello, guys. It is Untermensch. I promised a new chapter on both the Valley and Dragon books. The reason why I can't deliver is that this new update has brought some tech problems. I can't tap on the book to edit them. Thus I can't make new chapters. I emailed the Writer's Outlet team about this. Twice because I forgot that I sent the first one. They said that this was a problem they were working on and they thanked me for bringing it to their attention. The new update also brought along a new aesthetic that I really don't like. It looks fake and like those fake tech companies in movies where they have a crapload of drones like Kaslan from Child's Play. What do you guys think? I will update you about any situation that is coming and about the book situation. Bye now and be good people.


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