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To the King of my life,
I wish to live a life that will please you
But I find myself in what you don't like
I always think of you 
But I realize my fault after I fall from my bike
King, this is my case.

To the Lord of my soul,
My night is full of you and your revelations
But my day looks like that of a demon
My eye sees and my heart knows your visions
But my sight and my thoughts are of mommon
Lord ,this is my case.

To the provider of my goods,
They always come as a surprise
So, I don't have any plan for crises
Within a second I shall rise
Without considering what are the prices
Provider,this is my case.

To the redeemer of my spirit,
I believe that nothing is impossible
And I hope to see your will being made perfect
I know your doings are invisible
But from my spirit to life,let them reflect
Redeemer,this is my case.

                          KING Ben Fabulous


  • May God help you

    Jun 09, 2021

  • Jun 20, 2021

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