When A Woman's Fed Up Read Count : 43

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Romance
LIFE is full of ups and downs. In times when a woman has had it up to her eyeballs with a man, "Why won't they let go?" Why won't they then leave after hurting us over, and over again? I don't understand when a person doesn't wants to be faithful in a relationship; refuses to go with the one you're cheating with. Why not leave well enough alone?  If you want to cheat go ahead and be with that person. After all you don't cheat on the one; you truly love. At the end of the day; know that you're cheating yourself.  Love doesn't cheats, manipulates, causes harm or hurts no one. I've learned if the feelings not mutual, you can't persuade or buy no one's love. You know from the first week; if you want to be with someone.  Their chemistry, body language and presence gives you comfort and peace. If the person in your life is bringing pain, hurt and confusion; it's not of God. After years of tolerating bs; you learn what you want and definitely don't want in life. Be my peace or leave.. It's simple.
┬░Love never fails(KJV)



    Jun 10, 2021

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