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I'm not giving you shit 
Especially not a part of me
Because you rich bitch
Thinking this is how it will be

You have life confused 
Preacher you forgot the golden rule 
Do unto me as I do unto you
You talk bible but your life isn't true 

Saw through you years ago 
Preaching God... living hell
Telling people what you want them to know
Your ass should be in a jail cell

Nickel and diming God's PEOPLE 
Pass the plate, sowing seeds 
No caring about the congregation 
Their soul Or NEEDS 

Lightweight teaching
Repentance you should preaching 
But you can't being caught up in your circumstance.....

THROWING the rock 
Hiding your hands
Tick. Tock on the clock
666 the number of man 

Release of the beast 
All the people you fell
The grim reaper's been released 
Now he's collecting for HELL 

Oh how the mighty have fallen
YOU kept balling 
While God is calling
Ain't no more stalling 


  • Jun 08, 2021

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