What You Tried To Take Read Count : 87

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14yrs ain't NO more layaway
But I didn't DIDN'T depreciate 
I'm just reciprocating 
What you didn't appreciate 

My life. My BODY. My TIME. 
All this shit in MINE 
Holding value like fine whine
You lost dollars looking at a dime

What the hell was wrong with you
Now you're looking like a damn fool
Bitch got you singing the blues
But that's the life you choose 

I let go.... years ago
Holding on what the fuck for
Put me in shit I did not Know 
You did it all for cash flow

Having you BANKRUPTED 
On my bad sides not a place to be
Every day you'll be misery

Better Check YOURSELF
BEFORE coming at me
Oh NIGGA you chose death
There it is. . . . RIP


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