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It's funny as hell
When people do you in
Hoping you fail
But yet they ya kin

Fake ass love
And encouragement 
Wasn't it enough 
Bihhh you got me bent

I can't ride for you
Using ass tricks
After what i went thru
I'm not on your dick

You robbed me of life
Nigga I'm not your wife 
Fuck you and your crew

You can't claim me in day
Nor on your social status
Rubbed me the wrong way
I'll show you who's the baddest

Done building a BITCH up
For the next trick 
I've had just about enough 
Ninja you ain't slick

Play the game with your KIDS 
I'm not down with you
Who cares about what was did 
Hallf of that shit wasn't true 

I'm not the one to shake
Or a cheap knock off
You thought I would break
Beating you at your game at all cost

I'm done playing the fool
I'm so done with you
The shit you done was cruel
I guess that's what so called playa's do


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