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I could not find out your secrets, 
I could not touch your soul -
Through your bones that gave you protection.
I wish I could understand.

  I don't know what you wanted to hear,
 But I thought... I thought I would meet
 What only you could give me.  
Yes, I was wrong - full of mistakes.

Now I pay the price for my pride.
 I was blind and sick then.
I feel guilty now.

 I couldn't hang on to your life,
 I didn't even know how to get to your thoughts. 
 You ran and hid from me, 
I don't have the strength to do it with anyone.

  I couldn't keep your kiss, 
I couldn't keep your hug, 
But I still feel butterflies
 When I talk about you.

  I miss you, 
But there is no turning back.  
Of all our conversations, 
Only a few words remained
And those still resounded:
" We can not be together... it's too late now."


  • Jun 08, 2021

  • beautiful ma'am

    Jun 08, 2021

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