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From my life I only remember a quiet night 
That turned into a simple memory for you.
  For me, the warm place
 Where I take refuge
 And I want to dream, 
Having you in my arms again.

  I didn't give up at all,
 But my hands are tied 
And I can't do anything. 
You are thousands of miles away 
And my eyes can't see you around me 
When I need you.  

Destiny made a bad joke, 
Brought you here and then let you go.  
I can't forgive.  I will never forget.

You gave me a peace that no one could give me,
 My pieces of soul came together. 
They say I'll forget in time, 
But I know this is a lie ...
 I still want you to come.


  • Jun 08, 2021

  • superb ma'am

    Jun 08, 2021

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