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In a thought i had, a letter i was given to read.

Words i couldn't pronounce, Sentence i couldn't pick out.

Alittle effort i put to it,

Gramnatical errors i made,
''Is" for ''was," "as" for "has."
Did i type anything?
Yet i tagged it typograhical error.

I wont quit, it popped inside of me.

Parts of speech for figures of speech,
Translation for transliteration,
Pronoun for Irony,
English for Arabic.

I wont give up still!

Puntuation i lacked
Full stop i couldnt identify,
Commas as apostrophe,
Apostrophe as quotation mark.

What a confusion!
Yet my language is universal,
The language of silence,
For a silenced thought.
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines


  • Jun 14, 2021

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