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I hear the guitar sound, 
I lean back to see 
The stars playing in my eyes. 

 I'm so far from heaven,
 But so close to hell -
 Where my demons are
 Waiting for me in vain,
 Change of plans.

  I hear my thoughts match my voice, 
I think of old mistakes.
I think I still have
 So many mistakes to make.  

I hear the cars passing by,
 I hear her calling my name...
 But I don't turn my head - 
I let her approach for the first time. 

 I let time fly,
 I listen to a new song.
 Her voice echoes in my mind -
 It gives me a good vibe her laughter.


  • Jun 08, 2021

  • Jun 08, 2021

  • nice ma'am...

    Jun 08, 2021

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