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   There are people out there that assume everyone is physically capable of doing high paying work. As a person who is born with a handicap, I can tell you this is gaslighting, the reality is people are not all being paid enough for the work they do. We are not all mindless drones, we take pleasure in doing the work we enjoy. Whenever we take pleasure in doing the kind of work we enjoy, we become more efficient and proficient that those things we do on a daily basis. By building new skill sets, we expand our horizons and our abilities to cover more territory.
   I'm physically unable to lift heavy objects which restricts a large number of possibilities of certain kinds of employment. If you have some kind of learning disability like dyslexia, problems with reading could also limit your abilities in the professional world. Some of us enjoy reading, working with our hands, or simply being there for others, but our limitations are what guides us to choosing a plausible career that we could see ourselves living in the future. Following the outrageous costs of college only to be later strummed by greedy individuals who don't want to pay fair wages. Meanwhile these people who don't want to pay fair wages, are found whining about not being able to afford luxury liners.
   The wealthy constantly raise up their own salaries while on the top, very often restraining or preventing the increase of salaries for the lower workers. This means the government decides whether or not to help meet the needs of the average worker. The majority of us already know how this scenario ends up, and that usually doesn't noise go to the people like we think it does. The trickle-down theory doesn't actually work whenever the people on top don't want to pay taxes or fair wages to their workers. They want to keep those ill-gotten gains for themselves knowing it is born from the suffering of the people working for whatever they can to help make a good life for their friends and family.
   I grow tired of the self-centered excuses from billionaires or politicians, because I've seen how bad some families have had it. Single parent's, college students, the handicapped all are suffering silently underneath the oppression of the wealthy. I've reached a hand to neighbors despite my own low income knowing that I may have to make personal cutbacks, but what happens to us when there is nothing left to cut back on? You certainly don't want to cut back on utility bills or rent, but in some states rent costs more and leaves little room for people to save when they have family, travel costs, and groceries to worry about. We've found some ways to cut back costs, but every time we save pennies prices go up in dollars.
   Most people who come to the United States are under the impression we are a wealthy people, and even though we are centered and one of the most developed nations in the world, economically speaking our country does not match up against other developed nations. I hear people talking about how gas prices are higher in some countries, but if you look other costs people in the United States are required to cover including medical expenses, you come to realize how idiotic it is to talk about a couple of dollars per gallon of gas versus thousands of dollars every year. This isn't even the worst part of it, as we continually face oppression from some of the people who should be trying to help us fix these issues.
   A few years ago I couldn't tell you anything about lobbyists or difference between capitalism and socialism. That has significantly changed as we face even worse threats than we ever realized. The very nature of our rights as human beings is now at stake, because the same people who want to whine about yachts, not pay taxes or a fair wage, and want to keep us from helping our neighbors now, are trying to steal our rights to choose our elected officials. They are doing everything in their power to stop us from giving people the long deserved help they have needed for decades.
   We all have ideas, we all can build things, and we can all make a major impact on society if given the right chance. We are not all the same like some people would lead you to believe. The last question we must ask ourselves is very a simle one. What is the direction we want to follow as a country? Do we want a efficient country based on compassion or logic or do we want a country based of serfdom and abuse? At the end of the day, it is up to all of us to make this decision and not just a handful of people. 


  • Jun 08, 2021

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