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Here we go again; pondering the day away
Wait a minute friend; I got a lil' sumthin I need to say..

Maybe I'm just old school
In this dating game 
When did we change the rules
Nigga do you even know my name

Say what you want to say now 
Cause I'm just lost for words
With this EVERYDAY struggle somehow 
When did I become your girl 

Negro when did you ask
Is it because I hit follow
You talking nothing but trash
But a hit dog gon' holler

Roof.. roof cough THAT shit up
I never crossed your path
But hurting me just wasn't enough
Got me hollering free at last

Like I'm Martin Luther SPITTING...preaching But they just won't listen
You wonder why niggas come up missing 
Because of the shit they be dissing

Make it all make sense
How I got upon your dick 
Show me the evidence 
Cause Nigga you ain't slick

I can't hold you down
When you never held me up
Turn that shit around
Cause BIHHH I'm not getting stuck

Been too long digging in my past 
Thinking I'm set repeat
Hard times don't last
But you can get the fuck out of my sheets

How can you make my decisions 
When did I get incompetent 
You don't have a dream or vision 
Go back and repent

Say what now
I got you all confuse
I'M Still standing my ground
I ain't got shit to lose

But I got time today
To put you in your place
I'm going to say what I have to say
Over the internet or in your face

Stop claiming bags you never had
Boy you know it wasn't yours 
Before you get a damn toe tag
Laying up on a slab behind ice doors 


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