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The blur of green on an endless stretch of road. The subtle cracks and pops as asphalt gets crushed beneath the tires. The stereo quietly whispering in our ears. And the tension both of us no doubt feel, the rising anger. The urge to punch something beginning to come closer to being a reality. We don’t know where we’re going, not really. But It’s easier to pretend everything’s alright rather than face the truth. Neither of us knows what to do anymore, we never really got along in the first place, Gianna was the only reason we ever actually put up with each other. And now… she’s gone. Lost might be a better word. I refuse to believe she isn’t coming back.

P.O.V. Beverly Dorsey: But I can’t worry about that right now… I have my own priorities. I look to my left. His fingers flex around the steering wheel again, his knee bouncing in chaotic bursts. It makes me mad. He needs to relax, I’m not happy about her disappearance either, but you don’t see me going crazy. I look out the window again to try to control myself before I explode. But he won’t stop. The bouncing, the tapping, it’s slowly driving me insane.


  • Lilith Of germany

    Lilith Of Germany


    Jun 06, 2021

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