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What should I do when I miss you?  
Apart from crying, feeling sick 
And regretting you? 

 What should I do to have a place in your life? 
 Who should I claim to be, 
How could I be in your eyes? 

 What can I do to have a place in your thoughts? 
 Thinking of you, I make my heart sing.  
What can I do to have a place in your heart? 
 My blood is flowing through my veins, 
My heart already has feelings inside.  

Sometimes I get lost
 In sighs that I can't control.
  Sometimes the life I live now 
Seems impossible to me.

I will not be happy, 
I will not care.
My life can end tomorrow, 
I am already dead starting today.


  • Jun 06, 2021

  • great ma'am...

    Jun 06, 2021

  • Very strong and emotional, hope you are OK, great poem 👍👌😊🐝

    Jun 06, 2021

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