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I stuck my heart to someone else's pieces, 
You weren't with me... I needed affection. 

 I held my hand tied to another hand, 
You weren't there, my mind was stuck - 
I needed protection and warmth. 

 I touched my lips to other soft lips,
 Your mouth was far away,
 I felt a strange kiss covering my mouth.
Your kiss was the best kiss I ever received.

I let others make plans with me,
Like I used to do with you before, 
And I remembered that you still live in my chest And I can't let you get out of there.

 You kissed me with other lips,
 You hugged me with other arms, 
You held my hand tightly with another hand.  
Oh, baby.  I want you back.


  • nice ma'am

    Jun 06, 2021

  • Jun 06, 2021

  • Five stars, loved it.

    Jun 06, 2021

  • Coo, great poem 🐝❤️🌹

    Jun 06, 2021

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