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The wind rushes past like the whisper of forgotten memories bubbling back to the surface. Poking and prodding, forcing remembrance at moments rather forgotten. The innocence of forever falling further out of reach and the ignorance of curiosity killing all that may remain. 

“...Corinna found her purpose in others. Everything she did was never to benefit herself but those around her. Heh… She once told me her ideal funeral would be one where we didn’t waste time as she’d like to say talking about her but where instead we lay her to rest and move on with our day. When I told her I couldn’t do that she laughed and called me selfish. And maybe it is selfish that I want to spend as much time by her side as I can. It’s selfish to want to keep her memory alive by talking instead of doing… If there’s one thing she would say if she were here… “Things go wrong. Love what you have and remember what you had. Learn from your mistakes, never regret them. Smile when you’re sad, and remember…  Keep going, life still moves on.” Thank you.”

He walks back over to his daughter

She wraps his arms around his waist and buries her head in his side

She peeks at her mother lying in the casket through her hair

Family members and friends begin approaching the casket to say their goodbyes

They move toward the back of the line

As they wait their turn friends and family share condolences

The girl and her father stand before the casket now

The wind blows once as if urging them forward

The girl steps forward

She peers down at her mother lying peacefully

From the pocket of her dress she retrieves a white carnation and rests it against her mothers knuckles

A soft smile pulls at her lips

“Sweet dreams”


“It’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but with a bit of elbow grease it truly is a lovely place!”

The man looks around the room, a hopeful glimmer in his eye and turns to his daughter

“I think this might be the one, what do you say honey?”

She looks at the floor and counts the strands of hair hanging in front of her eyes


She still doesn’t respond… he turns back to the real estate agent

“Um, I’m sorry, do you mind giving us a moment?”

The woman looks between the two of them hiding her concern for the girl behind a smile

“Of course not, take all the time you need! I’ll be in the other room if you have any questions!”

The man smiles his thanks as the woman takes her exit

He turns toward his daughter and crouches down to meet her eye level

“Sweetheart, I know this isn’t what we planned but you know we’re tight on money at the moment. The place isn’t half bad. We’ll hire a contractor and before you know it this place will be better than brand new!”

He raises her chin to look her in the eye

“C’mon, how about it?”

She slowly raises her eyes to meet him. She scans the room and returns her gaze to his hopeful one

She nods to which he smiles

He pulls her to him for a hug

With her cheek pressed into his chest she scans the room once more


The woman pokes her head into the room


The man walks over to meet her in the entryway and takes her hand

“We’ll take it!”

The two share an excited laugh

"That's wonderful! I'm sure the two of you will be very happy here!"


The man and his daughter stand out on the front porch to see the real estate agent off

"New home, check! Now all we need is someone who can help fix this place


*phone ringing*


You roll over and check the time


You bolt upright  and grab your phone staring at the number of a potential customer

“Wake up... Wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup… OK...”

"Clair Adler, licensed contractor, how can I help you?"

"Good morning, my name's Hugh Arius, I bought a house in the area… a bit of a fixer-upper, I was hoping you could help?"

"What kind of work needs to be done?"

"Uhh… a lot, probably everything?"

"Okay… Do you mind if I stop by to see what all you're looking for?"

"Not at all!"

"Alright, what day and time works for you?"

"Does Saturday the 15th at noon work?"

"Yeah, Saturday the 15th at noon, I just need your address and I'll mark you down."

"9638 Edgefield Drive.”

"OK, I'll be over on Saturday at noon to see what we're looking at here for you."

"Perfect! Thank you!"

"Thank you, if you have any questions for me or need to reschedule you can reach me here."

"Thank you! Have a good day, bye."


You set the phone down and rub a hand down your face

(...Edgefield Drive… The only house there hasn’t been lived in for years. El finally sold that thing… huh) 

You push the covers aside and begin your morning routine

(Surprising that thing’s still standing though… Whatever, I’ll know what it needs Saturday)

(But why’d the guy have to call so early?)

*phone rings again*

You sigh and grab your phone again

“What do you want now?”

“Well, good morning to you too… You’re not going to believe this! I have some big news and a potential client for you!”

“You finally sold that Edgefield house and now they need someone to fix it?”

“How did you--”

“You’ve been trying to sell that thing since before I moved here, and I just got off the phone with the guy who bought it, wants me to go over there tomorrow to see what it needs.”

“Wow… He sure doesn’t waste any time.”

“Yeah, no kidding.”

“Anyway, you don’t have any jobs today, right?”

“...No, what do you want?”

“Why do you always assume I want something?”


“OK, fine, I could use your help with something.”


“Just come over here, please, you’ll see when you get here.”

“I don’t know if I trust you right now.”

“You never seem to trust me.”

“Fair enough… Give me an hour.”

“Thanks, bye!”

“Hold on--”

“...This is what you needed my help for? A card?”

“You know I always touch base with my clients and send them a card, so I don’t know why you’re so surprised.”

“You never needed my help with this before…”

“Well, I’m sorry we don’t get to hang out as often anymore? Just help me pick one.”

“...This one. Not my fault our schedules clash, besides I thought I was boring.”

“You are, you have no idea what fun is, but boring is better than nothing. I dunno, this one looks kinda boring.”

“Then why did you buy it? Fine, this one.”

“Besides, every other young person left this neighborhood the first chance they got. You’re the only one who actually moved here.”

“If you’re complaining so much about not having friends, why didn’t you move out with them?”

“Mmm… This one seems too energetic… I like the neighborhood, plus with so many people constantly cycling through the work is good. I have no true reason to leave.”

“Except that you’re lonely… And why’d you want me to pick out a card if you’re just gonna shoot it down the first chance you get!”

“I already had this card picked out at the store, I only bought the other two as an excuse to get you to come over. And I’m not lonely.”

“You’re fussing over giving a client, what a thank you card?”

“It’s called being hospitable and making sure they leave good reviews!”

“It’s called having too much time on your hands. You’re seriously making a whole dilemma over a thank you card.”

“Hey, it shows my clients I care about them and I’m happy for them. I don’t see you doing that.”

“My work does that for me, dingbat.”

“...Anyway... I was actually surprised he decided to buy the house so fast. We barely even finished the tour and he seemed ready to buy it.”

“Maybe he just needs a cheap place to stay while he tires to figure shit out?”

“Why would he be so set on getting someone to check the place out then?”

“Maybe he doesn’t want to live in a structurally unstable building.”

“You know I wouldn’t sell it if it was unsafe.”

“...Never know.”

“He has a daughter too, the place seems kinda big for just the two of them, but who am I to judge.”

“You made them cookies too or is that just coincidence?”

“She seemed distant, I thought maybe cookies could cheer up whatever’s got her down.”

“You’re not her friend, you know.”

“That doesn’t mean I can’t do something nice. There’s no other kids here, you know that, I don’t want her to feel lonely.”

“Yup, because she’s gonna befriend a 25-year-old. You realize you look like you have some ulterior motive, right? You never made any of your other clients cookies.”

“None of my other clients had kids living with them. And you're the only person who would think I’m up to something.”

“Because I know you are, I just have to find out what it is. Where are you going now?”

“To deliver these idiot.”


“Well, yeah, they’ll be cold if I drop them off later.”

You grab one of the leftover cookies and follow her out the door

“...And why exactly are we walking there?”

“Because it’s nice out and they don’t live far from my place. ...You could use the exercise too.”


“I don’t know why you decided to come along if you’re just going to complain.”

“I’m not gonna sit in your house by myself. Besides, I can at least admire the house's exterior and take an up close look at what you just got me into.”

“Is work all you think about?”

“Says the one who’s bringing her clients cookies for good reviews.”

“It’s not just for good reviews!”

“Of course it's not”

“Why do you think such a young family moved here?”

“I dunno, you grew up here, why’d your parents move here?”

“Because the people were nice, I think. We both know this town doesn’t have much to offer. Why’d you move out here?”

“...It’s quiet. There's nothing going on, nothing to worry about. I don't have to deal with annoying neighbors 'cause they'll decide to move out sooner or later."

"That's… Kinda sad, actually. That you hate people that much."

"I don't 'hate' anyone. People just tend to become… boring after a while, predictable. There’s no longer anything interesting about them and their attempts to try to be end up all in vain. But here they leave before that happens, and new people come along. Nothing really gets old here.”

“And what about me, then? Am I boring to you?”

“Mmh.. No… actually, you’re the one person here who’s farthest from boring, but i think that’s because you’re annoyingly unpredictable and in everyone’s face all the time.”


She knocks on the door

After a moment it opens, and they greet the girl.

She looks at them through her bangs and says nothing

After an awkward pause elenore bends down to meet her eye level

“Umm, hi honey, is your father home?”

The girl stays silent, but her father’s voice sounds as his footsteps approach

“Who’s at the door?”

He rounds the corner

“Elenore, what a nice surprise, what brings you here? Come on in!”

The girl steps aside and Elenore enters the house

Clair steps through the doorway and offers his hand to the man

“Clair Adler, we actually spoke on the phone this morning. I’m a friend of El’s, I hope you don’t mind that I tagged along.”

“Of course not! It’s a pleasure to officially meet you. Though, correct me if I’m wrong, I believe we already know each other.”

“We do?”

“Did you grow up in Swindmore by any chance?”

“Y… Yeah… Hold on…”

Clair looks between the man and his daughter

Recognition lights his features

“Mr. Arius? How did I not recognize the last name sooner?”


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