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Time moves further, waiting for no one. It gives the shadows the confidence they need to flood the room; to hide the innocent. The winds surge with a sigh of power, making the building sing. Time makes itself present once more inside the building where paint peels from the walls and water falls from the old pipes. Mold grows where the shadows refuse to abide by time’s laws.

The building - once a sanctuary for those who wished for knowledge - now nothing more than an empty shell; the life taken from it. Insects roam freely without fear of the human foot, rats scour the halls looking for refuge. It can be said that all in sight will fit the description of “dark” and “evil”. The objects on the other side of the story; the darker side. The lesser side.

Yet even then, in a place that lacks the innocence of light, there reside the remnants of hope. 

He sits with his head angled against the wall, eyes closed, trying to ignore it all. He did not choose to come here, nor was he forced to. Promises - though highly empty - drove him through the streets and down the alleys. Promises drove him through the doors and down the halls. And promises drove him into the furthest corner of the darkest room. Nothing occupies his person other than the clothes on his back and the phone in his pocket, as per the agreement.

The subtle sound of footsteps takes ahold of his immediate attention. He stands, pressing his back into the wall; hiding further into the shadows, but ready to move at a moment's notice. A door creaks on old hinges, time proving once more its dominance in the old schoolhouse. His breath catches at a sudden light. It sweeps the room slowly, stopping only when it lands on him. Blinding him. Terror seizes his body, he is helpless against the intruder. He raises his arms in defense, trying to block the light. Trying to see what he cannot.

“So, you came,” The light drops at once and his eyes struggle to readjust as he tries to place the voice projecting behind it. “I didn’t think you would, to be entirely honest.” 

The footsteps sound again, although slower now. They take their time as if they have all to gain and nothing to lose. The light swings back and forth, highlighting the chosen path. He catches glimpses of the intruder’s shoes and legs as the light swings. The slowness of it all pressing down like a weight on his chest. He closes his eyes, tired of having them readjust with every swing of the light. 

Eventually, the footsteps fade, replaced by the light thud of metal on wood and the scuff of wood on tile. He opens his eyes to find himself staring into the face of his intruder. Grown out hair frames a strong jawline, falling into his eyes and resting above a nose that’s been broken too many times too count. Everything about the intruder is different and unknown from the way he looks to the way he carries himself. Everything except his eyes. His eyes remain cold and threatening, lifting any doubts and confirming all suspicions. It is a face he thought he’d never see again.

“Sit, stay awhile. You’re not just going to hide in the corner like a weirdo, are you?” The intruder smiles, showing off too many teeth and a crooked jawline that wasn’t quite noticeable before. Pushing off the wall, he approaches the table slowly not sure how to feel about the situation. The intruder brightens his smile, “That’s better, now I can actually see you.”

He fights to remain indifferent about the situation as anxiety and suspicion begin to plague him. This is not what he was expecting. He will not play along.

“You changed your name,” His voice, although quiet, remains steady and strong, projecting power not unlike that of the intruder’s.

The intruder laughs, amused by anger residing in the background of his acquaintance's words. “How else do you think I got here?”

The acquaintance’s eyes turn hard, finding nothing about his current situation amusing, “I agreed to help Parker Fully, not you.”

“Yes, you did,” The intruder’s eyes gleam as his lips pull back into another venomous smile.

“Where’s Parker? What did you do?” His eyes narrow as he takes in the smug form sitting across from him.

Feigning offense, the intruder brings a hand to his chest in mock shock, “I didn’t do anything. Parker merely needed some help and as a token of appreciation offered to let me take his place.”

“I will not, nor will I ever, help you.” He stands then, retreating to the outskirts of the light as he goes to make his exit. He moves with swift purpose around the table. The intruder, however, interrupts mid-stride, latches onto his arm as their paths cross.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,”

He turns to the intruder, whose face remains forward. His already violent features take on an even darker shade as shadows pull across his skin. They hollow him, leave him with angles too sharp and crevices too deep to be human. He turns his head and the shadows shift, covering half his face in darkness while the other floods with light. His eyes pierce the acquaintance’s with venom so strong it leaves him paralyzed.


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