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Dear reader, 

I wish I could tell you it ends well for you. 

But it doesn’t. 

Not for anyone. Trust me, I should know. The group I’ve been traveling with… they were picked off one by one. I have no idea if they’re still alive, and as bad as it sounds I don’t have the time or energy to find out. I’ve been alone ever since - I’d say it’s been about a month since the last of my group, two cave explorers from the other side of the world, split off to go search inside some cave they stumbled upon. The only thing I have left of them aside from memories are the letters they left with me. Snap shots of their lives they left to be delivered to their families. What with the power grid being down we have to do things the old fashioned way. Yes, that includes sending letters across the country on foot 

As of now, there’s only one place you can go if you want to be certain your letters will get to their destination, and, unfortunately for me, that happens to be on the other side of the country. The trek itself never is the issue. I’ve made this trip and many others countless times before. The problems occur when others more desperate than myself learn of who I am. All-in-all I’m no one special. I hold no power whatsoever. My job sits at the bottom of the ladder, the only people who take it are either too stupid to realize the dangers, or too desprate to care. Desperation, I’ve learned, makes people behave in ways they shouldn’t. And that is why it is nearly impossible to make this trip alone.The job itself pays wonderfully, but considering the run-ins along the way you’d be lucky if you still have enough money to pay for food once you reach the next town. Believe it or not, the most dangerous parts happen to be when you’re in the cities or passing through towns. I’ve learned to set up camp on the outskirts, in the abandoned suburbs, and pass through in the daylight, only stopping to collect from clients.

I don’t read any of the letters I carry, not anymore. Most of them are hopeless cries for help that will never be answered. The government, in my opinion, never cared about this system - the system they created to “ensure their people the help they deserve” - but truly it’s not my place to comment on the matter. I am working for them, after all. Either way, my job consists of more than just delivering government letters. As I make my rounds I deliver peoples’ personal letters as well. I don’t make much money from the personal letters, but the extra income is always welcome the way I see it. Trying to find new addresses is the harder part. People like to  pretend they’re someone they’re not just as much as they like to move to new locations, and the longer it takes to get these letters delivered the less money I make.

I suppose all-in-all it really isn’t worth it. I could always just find a stable job with a steady income. It would also ensure my brother gets the medical attention he needs instead of the way they do things now - push him off to the side until I get back and make sure he gets the attention he needs - and I’ve thought about it multiple times. Finding a new job. But then I realize I’m doing this for the both of us. He’s always been the explorer in the family, you see. And seeing as he can’t explore at the moment I will for him. Tell him of the wonders this world still seems to offer despite it all. So, brother, I dedicate this entry to you.


I set up my camp for the night - consisting of nothing but myself and few belongings - inside an old duplex outside my next stop. The house was colder than expected, but at least it was shelter from the wind. I scavenged around for anything useful and found a few ratted blankets in the back of the closet in one room. Not the best, but still better than nothing, I suppose. I set my bag down on the nightstand next to the bed and sit down to take off my shoes. You’d think after years of walking like this my feet would get used to it, and yet somehow I still manage to be amazed at how great it feels to stop moving. 


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