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Category : Poems

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You thought you had ME beat
While trying to trick me out my place
Never living in defeat
Just moving goons out of my way

You can't play a play'a
15 yrs strong in the game
Knocking you off layer by layer
BIHHH put some respect on my name

You celebrated to soon
You thought I FELL OFF 
Feeding you from a long HANDLE spoon
Protecting my peace at all cost

You weren't worth my time
Just had to let you know
Getting all THAT'S MINE
This is how the story goes

Classy never shiesty
You tried to PUT DIRT on my name
NIGGAs know I'm feisty
Right back up and that's a damn shame 

You tried to BLACK BALL ME
Before I started
Intimidated bitches I see
You're jealous hearted

Stay in your lane
Or get ran over
Bringing nothing but pain


  • Jun 05, 2021

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