The Aberration Graveyard Read Count : 46

Category : Poems

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Declination of the spiritual mind,
Manifestation of revolving lost time,
Ghosts haunting every mental scar, 

Infiltration from the dead,
Wandering lost memories,
Occupation by mental plagues,
Prophesized to be another casualty,
Breaking down the spiritual safeguard,

The dead are to be buried,
An attempt to be forgotten,
By contempt of self,
The demons are locked in,
Within the mind barred,

Introspective negative quandaries,
Another lesson about learning boundaries,
Soaking in another's energies,
Poison to self by drinking bleach,
Creating the all consuming junkyard,

 Without an escape,
 Rummaging through the chaos,
 Every broken down memory,
 Soaking your soul becoming lost,
 Warming up to every treachery,
 Slowly surrounding yourself,
 With Tombstones, grey and charred,

Implantations within the mind,
Amputations to another time,
Littered within this Aberration Graveyard.


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