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You must think you're slick
Cause you only got by
You think because you're rich 
You can choose who dies

You played this game
Undercut my throat
Is there no shame
Nigga DON'T rock the boat

You bit the hands that fed you
And helped raised YOU up
But you were never true 
Hitting you with an upper cup

We can go to war
Daughter of Poseidon 
Me you can't ignore

Swallowing you whole
Under the RAGE of waves
Bagging bodies never fold
Putting your ass in the grave

I'll kill about mine
Never came against yours
There is no next time
Got me in a blur

I didn't choose this life
The hand you dealt wasn't fair
You can't make me your wife
When you not even there

No more time to waste
After being sick 14yrs
Quickly putting you in your place 
Ain't backing down in fear


  • Jun 04, 2021

  • Jun 04, 2021

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