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Let's steal time to breathe
 The same air in four nostrils.
Give me time to feel the freedom
 I get from your laughter. 

 Give me your hand to feel safe, 
Give me your time to make you feel mine.  

The sky listens to our whispers, 
Our arms join in a long hug.
I will miss you! 
I brought you daisies
 To see your smile.

  I hope to see you again soon,
 I'll think about us. 
 Let's connect our lives,
 Let's always be fine. 

I would like to show up,
 Never to hide.
Let's steal the time
 To do it right.


  • amazing ma'am....

    Jun 04, 2021

  • Jun 04, 2021

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  • Jun 05, 2021

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