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What can I say? Here we go again, no 
not today. If you've ever been in a relationship with someone and they can't take rejection; or a no, and it seems as if they would rather see you dead than be without them.  If it seems as if that relationship literally sucks the life right out of you, or SMOTHERING SYNDROME. Truth is this is abuse.
☆☆SMOTHERING SYNDROME:  when your partner monitors your every move. When you're not free to make your own decision without that partner. 
We as women think it's cute at first in a relationship; of the jealousy of your partner.  Until your partner stalks and harass you. What part of THAT is pertaining to godliness? ¹He that findeth a wife; finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord(KJV).
You ever wonder why God allows us to go through in life, and not interfere? It's called free will.  God does not interfere in free will he always allows us to make our own choices in life. So if your partner is overstepping these boundaries, this is not of God. 
Even as he commanded in the day of Joshua to choose between LIFE OR death; godliness or damnation. Choose you this day whom you will serve. I refuse to let the devil have another minute of my life or my time. After years of being in abusive relationships at first I thought it was me. Until I was taught better. Familiar spirits don't care about your name, status quo or religious preference. This fight is a daily battle over your soul. When dealing with an abusive or controlling partner whom doesn't see no wrong; leave.  It's always their way or no way at all. How can you respect,  honor, love and cherish the one whom you take for granted? When you crossed those boundaries; the respect left then. This is manipulation to bend someone else's will or witchcraft. We have to be careful in dealing with these demonic oppressed spirits. I'll discuss more on DEMONIC Oppression at a later time.
I will not tell no one to stay with an abusive partner.  You're only fooling yourself if you think you can change them. Pray, move on and let God be God in that person's life..It will take the hand of God upon that person's life to change them. In conclusion seek godly counsel and KEEP family out of your personal relationships. 
● Prayer:
Dear heavenly FATHER I seek your will for my life. I submit my life and my will unto you. I need your peace which surpasses all understanding. Give me strength in every area where I'm weary especially on days THAT are draining. When I'm  tired Lord build me back up in every area that I've been torn down and depleted in. Jesus surround your Angel's about me for a hedge of protection and dispatch them upon my door post. Jesus I sever every ungodly soul tie and thank you for cutting the cord to its life's source. Lord I trust you even in confusion, hurt and pain. Lord help me to love myself enough to walk away from anyone or anything that has hurt me. My peace, life and time is MINE; which you have given me. I cherish them and only hold on to that which is pertaining to life. It's in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

¹King James Version:  Proverbs 18:22


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    Dec 29, 2021

  • i don't think humans really get much of free will bc he controls everything including the spirits and the demons so if you disobey him he has control over sickness and diseases and whether you suffer and your offsprings are cursed or not it's really all bout God either you obey him or not or your whole life is set to condemnation and your souls are then tooken to the gate of hell, it's not about what you want it's all about God, either way or not heaven is really hard to get into you have to be very obedience. you have to be almost perfect like Christ himself, God really doesn't want us, the Devil wants us more so we can burn suffer in fire but God is very quick to condemn us when we sin. i don't believe hardly anyone gets into heaven. i believe more people are in hell why do I believe this is because God is a very judgemental jealous God, if you read old testament he will always be that jealous God, the one who sent the people of Israel to stone woman for sex before marriage. it was God himself who sent evil spirits to torment a man into taking his own life, it was God himself who sent people to stone woman, pretty much everything is God because he is the creator of everything even what humans do to other humans and everything happens for a reason all God's will. so yeah old testament or not that's our creator will always be a jealous God will always be in control of everything every sickness or disease is God's work through us and his punishment and will....

    Feb 03, 2022

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